Visit Gandia

[Espa├▒ol abajo] Have you ever think about vacation in marvelous city Gandia located in Valencian community? In this area you can find both, sunny beach sides as well as historical…

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Mazarr├│n in all its splendour

[Espa├▒ol abajo] Mazarr├│n is located on a large bay open to the Mediterranean Sea and has 35 km of coastline. The city consists of the port and the capital of…

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Visit Tarragona ancient Roman city

[Espa├▒ol abajo] Tarragona was founded in 218 BC by the Romans, the city was then called Tarraco. It was the capital of Hispania Citerior and Hispania Tarraconensis. That makes this…

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Going South

[Espa├▒ol abajo] The southern part of the province of Alicante is full of nice spots. Let's discover the beautiful island of Tabarca, el Palmeral de Alicante, los Arenales del Sol and el mirador de Santa Pola!

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Explore the city of Lorca!

Explore the city of Lorca!

[Espa├▒ol abajo] The magnificent city of Lorca, whose urban center was declared a historic ensemble in 1964, is known as the baroque city par excellence, because of the important baroque…

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Journey through history: Girona

[Espa├▒ol abajo] The city of Gerona is located in Catalonia, 99 kilometers from Barcelona and is the capital of the province of the same name (Gerona). This city founded by…

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